Things I’ve Learned

After searching for the answer to the persistent question, “Why am I here, on Earth, at this time? I have learned a few interesting facts that apply, not just to me, but to all of us.

As human beings we come to Earth to learn and to teach. However, this particular time on Earth seems to be a significant time to be human.

We all walk a path, whether as a teacher, a healer or one who is here to learn specific truths or lessons. After battling with grief, for what seems like years, after a recent loss, I began my spiritual journey of truth.

I am going to explain, briefly, where my journey has taken me and what I learned along the way:
• Lightworkers – people who dedicate their lives to bringing light into the world. Someone who is sensitive and empathic. Lightworkers are here to heal the planet, by healing those living on the planet
• Loss – Losing a loved one is the most hurtful loss, especially when it’s a child. I couldn’t believe that God had taken one of my children from me. But He did and it launched me on my life’s path.
• Laws of Attraction – Seven laws that work with the Universe and the energy that makes up our beings and the source of what we, as human beings, attract.
• Ascension – During the ascension we are experiencing an expansion of our awareness which is creating a shift in our consciousness. There are many signs and symptoms making us aware of these shifts.
• Understanding the 144,000 – 144000. The Chosen of the Holy Spirit. The book of Revelations in the Bible makes reference to a special group of people numbering 144,000 in size.

These five matters that I have listed need much more of an explanation than I have given here. I will be blogging about each subject individually. Stay tuned, there’s much more in store.

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Have a great day, I’ll talk to you later.

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