Smudging is a ritual that has been practiced by Native Americans for centuries. The practice of smudging, burning sage, is used to cleanse and purify. Smudging clears low vibrations and energies which have become stuck, in your home or even in your body.

Sage is used to wash off the outside world when you enter into your home. Sage is used for healing also. The smoke is used to bless and cleanse the object being smudged.

Sage is not the only herb used in smudging, but it is the most common. Sage leaves are bound together by using string and creating a smudging stick. You can smudge your home, or a room in your home, by lighting the sage stick and pushing the smoke from the stick into all of the corners, the shadows and across the doorways. I use a feather to push the smoke into the areas I wish to cleanse. It is recommended to say a smudging prayer while doing the cleanse.

Smudging yourself is very similar to smudging your home. Before you begin your smudging ritual, you need to center yourself and hold the highest intentions to drive any negativity from your soul. Put the sage stick in a bowl, I use an abalone shell, light them and softly blow out the flame so all that remains is the smoldering which produces the smoke. Direct the smoke waves toward your energy field that surrounds your body. Start in the area above your head and continue, breathing deeply and saying a prayer, down to your feet. Come up one side of your body and down the other side. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Smudging isn’t hard, but you have to have the right intentions and the proper tools to complete the job. I smudge regularly. If you have any questions regarding smudging, or would like a copy of the smudging prayer, please contact me at and I’ll explain further. Also, while you are at All Things Mystic please download a free gift just for visiting.

Take care. I’ll talk you soon.

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