I think that I have always been comfortable with the world of spirit and intuition, but it is only in recent years that I have become aware of realities kathleenphotothat are rarely visible to others. I don’t use a crystal ball, but I can sense what is going on with other people. I have a unique ability, I call it a gift, for helping others to discover their own intuition and recognize their own truths.

I have been reading cards now for about 8 years.  Of course, when I first started I was reading for free, just trying to see if what the cards were telling me were accurate. I can truly say that I have been very accurate with my readings.

My clients seem to benefit from their readings. I offer them a unique combination of spirit, intuition and practical experience.

The cards I deal with for my readings are nothing like the old time Tarot cards. The cards I use in my readings are gentle and reassuring. It doesn’t matter whether the card is upside down or right side up. What matters is what the message is that is attached to that card. I will never tell someone something so harsh that it will bother them for days, maybe weeks to come. My cards don’t deliver those sort of messages. The cards that I work with have underlying messages of love.