Smudging is a ritual that has been practiced by Native Americans for centuries. The practice of smudging, burning sage, is used to cleanse and purify. Smudging clears low vibrations and energies which have become stuck, in your home or even in your body.

Sage is used to wash off the outside world when you enter into your home. Sage is used for healing also. The smoke is used to bless and cleanse the object being smudged.

Sage is not the only herb used in smudging, but it is the most common. Sage leaves are bound together by using string and creating a smudging stick. You can smudge your home, or a room in your home, by lighting the sage stick and pushing the smoke from the stick into all of the corners, the shadows and across the doorways. I use a feather to push the smoke into the areas I wish to cleanse. It is recommended to say a smudging prayer while doing the cleanse.

Smudging yourself is very similar to smudging your home. Before you begin your smudging ritual, you need to center yourself and hold the highest intentions to drive any negativity from your soul. Put the sage stick in a bowl, I use an abalone shell, light them and softly blow out the flame so all that remains is the smoldering which produces the smoke. Direct the smoke waves toward your energy field that surrounds your body. Start in the area above your head and continue, breathing deeply and saying a prayer, down to your feet. Come up one side of your body and down the other side. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Smudging isn’t hard, but you have to have the right intentions and the proper tools to complete the job. I smudge regularly. If you have any questions regarding smudging, or would like a copy of the smudging prayer, please contact me at and I’ll explain further. Also, while you are at All Things Mystic please download a free gift just for visiting.

Take care. I’ll talk you soon.

Laws of Attraction

Basically, the Laws of Attraction are the ability to attract whatever we are focusing on into our lives. All of our thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on negativity, you’ll get negativity, but by focusing on the positive, it is much easier to achieve your goals.

I am going to list the 7 Laws of Attraction and give a small explanation of what they are and what they can do:

  1.  Law of Manifestation – How things come into being. Consciousness creates reality. For something to exist it must first exist in consciousness.
  2.  Law of Magnetism – You can only attract the same type of energy that you put out. We each have an energy field and it is the signature resonance and source of much of what we attract.
  3. Law of Pure Desire – When the energy of your desire is pure (not motivated by fear) a valuable joyful result is ensured.
  4.  Law of Paradoxical Intent – The more desperate you are to achieve a goal, the more your efforts will be sabotaged, creating a paradox or the opposite of your intent. Ask and then “Let it Go!”
  5.   Law of Harmony – When you live in peace and balance, you align with Source energy. Harmonic choices promote personal balance and inner and outer peace.
  6. Law of Right Action – Also called the Law of Cause and Effect. It relates to how you treat others and the world.
  7.  Law of Expanding Influence – It shows how your personal energy expands in the world.
    1. Your energy expands I two ways:
      1.  Your action and life force expand in all directions to create your own results.
      2.  Your attitude and actions move out to determine consequences in others’ lives in the world at large – The energy of others has an impact on your own experiences.

Very few people realize how much these laws have an impact on our lives. Discovering that the Laws of Attraction are at work in your life is a cause for celebration. I can help you learn how to incorporate these laws into your life. Contact me at and while you’re there you can download a free gift I have for you.

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Loss is a very powerful word and it’s meaning is a hundred fold. You can lose a child, like I did, which has put me onto this path of healing and helping. You can experience loss through the loss of a spouse whether in a divorce or through their physical passing into the non-physical realm. You could be the child that was abused, whether physically, sexually, verbally, etc. and that is the loss of innocence.

We all, each and every one of us, have suffered a loss in our lives. Some are worse than others, but nevertheless, it is a loss and we can feel that loss deeply. Some of us go through the rest of our lives keeping this abuse/loss to ourselves. We want to keep it private and that is fine as long as it doesn’t interrupt or intrude on your well being or life’s path.

We are here, at this time on this earth, for a specific reason. One of those reasons is to spread God’s love throughout this troubled (sometimes I feel like it’s crumbling) world. We can’t do that if we are holding secrets, that can help others, inside of us.

Like I said previously, I lost a child because he abused drugs. I spent these last few years living in my own kind of hell. I have, on many occasions, had connections and conversations with my son Walt in spirit. He has helped me to realize that he was destined to leave this physical world at a young age so that I could get on with my life’s purpose.

To say that his loss was hard is absurd, it’s like saying a snow flake weighs 3,000 pounds. And yes, I know that God does not give us more than we can handle. We are strong, powerful spiritual beings inhabiting our physical bodies. When it comes down to it, we can actually do many things that we never thought we could. Prayer went a long way in helping me to keep my sanity, I didn’t think I could go on and live my life without my son, but prayer was what gave me the courage to do so.

I have always prayed that God would never take one of my children away from me. I just knew I couldn’t live with that hurt, but here I am and I have learned so very much from my experience of losing My Dragonfly Walt. In the end, I had two choices. I could be Bitter or I could be Better. I chose better because that is the only way to go.

If you are suffering from a loss, any loss, please contact me. I can help you to learn to live with the loss, because some losses we never get over, we learn to live with them. Visit my website, and download a free gift I have for you. This blog post is the third in a series of six, so stay tuned.

Take care. I’ll talk to you soon.

Things I’ve Learned

After searching for the answer to the persistent question, “Why am I here, on Earth, at this time? I have learned a few interesting facts that apply, not just to me, but to all of us.

As human beings we come to Earth to learn and to teach. However, this particular time on Earth seems to be a significant time to be human.

We all walk a path, whether as a teacher, a healer or one who is here to learn specific truths or lessons. After battling with grief, for what seems like years, after a recent loss, I began my spiritual journey of truth.

I am going to explain, briefly, where my journey has taken me and what I learned along the way:
• Lightworkers – people who dedicate their lives to bringing light into the world. Someone who is sensitive and empathic. Lightworkers are here to heal the planet, by healing those living on the planet
• Loss – Losing a loved one is the most hurtful loss, especially when it’s a child. I couldn’t believe that God had taken one of my children from me. But He did and it launched me on my life’s path.
• Laws of Attraction – Seven laws that work with the Universe and the energy that makes up our beings and the source of what we, as human beings, attract.
• Ascension – During the ascension we are experiencing an expansion of our awareness which is creating a shift in our consciousness. There are many signs and symptoms making us aware of these shifts.
• Understanding the 144,000 – 144000. The Chosen of the Holy Spirit. The book of Revelations in the Bible makes reference to a special group of people numbering 144,000 in size.

These five matters that I have listed need much more of an explanation than I have given here. I will be blogging about each subject individually. Stay tuned, there’s much more in store.

In the meantime, go over to my website, if you’re not already there, and download a free gift that I have for you. “5 Easy Things You Can Do Every Day To Bring More Joy Into Your Life. You’ll find the offer in the right hand, upper corner.

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We all know what truth means. Or at least we think that we know. But the real truth is that not only we, here on earth now, but our parents and even their parents were never taught the real truth. So it is nobody’s fault that the truth, about us as human beings, is just coming to the surface now.

I am talking about the Ascension. No, not the ascension of Jesus or Mother Mary, but the ascension of the human species. Let me explain a little bit further before I have everyone thinking that I’m some kind of a nut case. You may still think that even after I explain these things, that’s your option.

Ascension is merely learning the truth. The truth that we are beautiful, unlimited spirits that inhabit a human body. The truth is that we are on Earth, at this time, to teach and to learn. To teach and learn that we are a part of something much bigger and much more loving than any of us know. To understand that there is life after human death.

The Ascension is merely learning and teaching the truth, and that truth is learning to understand what role we play in this vast and unlimited Universe. We leave our Home, in a most beautiful and heavenly realm, by choice, to come here and live our lives and to do the best we can to bring light and love into a crumbling world.

If you remembered what our Heavenly Home was like, you wouldn’t be afraid to leave this life. Death of the body is just that. It’s like shedding our shells. We take our spiritual forms back when we return home.

There are so many things that are hard to believe, but they are things that we nevertheless need to learn. It’s why we’re here. I know how the death of a loved one can crush you spirit, shred your heart and, for some, not want to go on with your life. I know because I’m been there. You don’t get over it, you live with it. But that old adage, “When one door closes, another opens,” is very true.

What I have learned about myself, my life’s path has made me realize just how beautiful life is. I am a lilghtworker, which means I bring light into the world and into other people’s lives. I am also an Empath. I feel other’s pain as if it were my own. But most of all I am a healer.


I ask that you take advantage of my offer of a free 30 minute phone call that may change your life.

I will end with wishing you peace, love and light.

Kathy Zengolewicz

Remove Negativity from Your Life

What if’s can be very a negative way to live your life. What if’s can limit you and the things that you want. What if everything you ever hoped to achieve in life never happens? Let’s change that to read, what if everything you ever dreamed of came to fruition. Changing a few words in that sentence also changed the character of the sentence from negative to positive.

Pjctk0v8What if’s can also be very positive in your life. What if you are stronger that you think? What if your crazy thoughts and inspirations aren’t crazy at all. Think about it. Believe in yourself and your abilities. You can train your thoughts to reflect positive instead of negative feelings.

Toxic relationships and negative people in your life will not only bring negativity into your life, it will keep it there until you get rid of it. Everyone, at one time or another, has dealt with negative people and situations. Negative people are very challenging and dealing with them can be very hard. Just dealing with them for a short time can make you feel like they are draining the energy right out of you.

Even when something positive happens they will put a negative spin on it. When they have a problem, instead of finding a solution they will complain and play the victim. It is probably easier to create positive in your life than negative.

Positive thinking is easy. Have you ever had a daydream about something beautiful and wonderful that you would like to happen to you? That’s easy to think of, right? Just changing your thought patterns can change your life.

Some days life is hard and harsh, but you can change the direction of your life by just adding more positive people and situations every day. Meditation is a great way to change negative into positive. You can spend as little as 10 minutes a day just sitting quietly and reflecting on what you want from your life. If you need help doing that, then contact me and I’ll help.

Have a great day, I’ll talk to you later.

The Tarot

Tarot cards have been around since the mid 15th century. Tarot cards are a divination tool used to help you go within, contact your Higher Self and to find powerful sources of information that come from within you.

A tarot deck of cards usually contain 77 or 78 cards. The tarot deck is made up of the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. There are a wide variety of Tarot cards available today. However, I choose to use the Angel Tarot Deck which was created by Doreen Virtue.

The Angel Tarot deck gives a gentle and positive reading to my clients. Like the other versions of tarot, the Angel Card version includes four suits: Air – deals with intellect, making decisions and analyzing situations. Water: deals with emotions such as, but not limited to, falling in love and nurturing children. Fire: deals with Ideas, inspiration, feeling passion and creativity and Earth: deals with the material world like making a living, caring for our bodies and receiving abundance.

Before each reading I shuffle the cards thoroughly, pray over them and ask my guides to contact your guides. I then ask your guides to transfer their energy, your energy to the cards. After each reading I cleanse and clear the cards of any lasting energies of my last reading. This makes the cards ready for the next person to be read.

If you think you might be interested in a reading, please check out my services page to see what one of my services may be of interest to you. If you have decided on an Angel Tarot card reading, please view my Card Decks page to see which deck you might like, which deck speaks to you. I look forward to working with you and the Angels.