Regular people who are waking up first to the needs of Mother Earth.  We are the light in a world of sleeping people.

Some symptoms of a Lightworker

We know we are different – We don’t fit in – We don’t feel attached to the Earth plane.

We don’t like the system (government) – We don’t want to be told what to do.

We have a strong desire to help people – We have complete empathy for people.

We don’t want to be here on Earth, we feel like we’re stuck here.

We’re not afraid of death or going to the other side. The other side is home.

If you can connect with any of these symptoms, you may be a lightworker.  You may be here to help others awaken to the duties of spreading the light. If you are feeling some,or even one of these symptoms, I’m sure that you are filled with confusion. We at All Things Mystic can help you. We can answer your questions. Give us a call at: 215-327-9990.