Thank you my friend, Kathy Zengolewicz, for my Angel and Oracle Card Reading and chat on the phone today…it helped tremendously !! Your amazing gift of intuition and speaking to our guides today was so spot on, I knew they were there. Love you my friend… <3 Now, I’m going to go quiet myself and “just sit down for a while” ….
Barbara Joelle McCarthy Spayd


“Kathy was so bang on with my reading. I was grateful to have the confirmation that I needed. Thank you Kathy for speaking truth, exactly what I needed.”
Judy K Martene


“I recently had a reading with Kathy that was insightful, very accurate and guided me on what steps to take next. I would highly recommend her readings.”
LeeAnn Werner


“My reading from Kathy was surprisingly insightful.  She gave me two straightforward answers, insight into what is happening at the place that I should take a position (not the actual company), and a few life events that are soon to happen.  She began reading individual cards, integrated them at the end, and closed with her personal insights.  She explained the difference between positive and negative intuition.  Most interesting of all she told me to watch for symbols in my daily life to give me spiritual understanding.”
Dr. K


“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Kathy Zengolewicz. Kathy is a very talent and gifted reader/intuitive. I have had the privileged to be read by Kathy twice and each time the readings where accurate, encouraging and guided me in making life changing improvements.”
Melissa Anne Sweeney